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I’m Zoe Chew. I’ve built apps that got featured on Product Hunt #1Lifehacker, Hacker Noon, Noonies 2020 Winner, and tech blogs in 7 countries.

Here at Build & Launch newsletter, I break down the processes of building products: ideation, validation, MVP, monetization & distribution.

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About me

Now: I run “Zoe’s Build & Launch”, a product studio + media company. As a studio, I launch startup experiments internally to create small bets of venture portfolio, traction & profitability. As a media company, I publish write-ups around building startup products with 2.9K subscribers.

Previously: I'm an operator. I've worked with US/APAC remote teams and VC-backed tech cos in product, communication, growth & community strategy. Before working in tech, I started my career as a digital marketing consultant in paid Ads & online strategy.

Weekends: I'm growing NotionTrackerSuite (US$4,700 sales in 23 days), Twitter audience (5.9K), and Medium blog (420K total visitors & 40K/month traffic).

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