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Nice write up. Question: Notion let's you put icons before text but I've not been able to do that in substack. It seems that you are creating a large block image outside of substack and then dropping it in as an image to get the thumb nail images to show up before text in your article. Is this true and what program are you using to create and size those larger images?

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Hi Peter, thank you so much for reading! I haven't tried blogging with Notion yet. I'm using Substack's built-in editor and uploaded those blog images from my desktop. When you're writing a post, you can click on the "image" option to upload an image.

For thumbnail-- Here's an article on how to display the blog featured image using Substack - https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039016992-How-do-I-edit-what-my-post-looks-like-on-social-media-e-g-Twitter- Hope it helps!

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