Use these Medium keyboard shortcuts like a Pro [Checklist]

Here's list of keyboard shortcuts on Medium to make your posts look great.

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I’ve been writing on Medium and personal site↗️ to document everything I’ve implemented.

Recently, I discovered some keyboard shortcuts on Medium. This is a huge time-saver when dealing with code blocks & formatting of my post.

Let’s grab these shortcuts:

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

1. The basic 💎

Instead of selecting text to change formatting, you can:

  • Bold the text CTRL+B

  • Italic CTRL+I

  • Highlight text to turn into a link CTRL+K

  • Unlink text CTRL+K

2. Title & subtitle shortcuts 😄

Using different sizing of headers can help you organize your contents and improve presentation of your post.

Pro Tips: header is also a good place to implement SEO keywords that you want to target for your website

Here’s how you add them with keyboard shortcuts:

  • Bigger header CTRL+ALT+1

  • Smaller header CTRL+ALT+2

3. Add list or bullet points 🔴

There are two types of list you can use on Medium. One is bullet points and the other is numbered list.

Try these shortcuts to save your time:

  • Bullet list *+Space bar or Shift+*+Space bar (depends on your keyboard)

  • Numbered list 1+.+Space bar

4. Add code blocks in Medium post 💻

This is my favorite keyboard shortcut when writing coding tutorial↗️ on Medium.

You can display code in a sentence or the entire code block. 

Let’s try these shortcuts:

  • Highlight text to turn into code in sentence ` symbol

  • Highlight text to turn into code block CTRL+ALT+6

  • Remove code block CTRL+ALT+6

from django.contrib import admin  

from django.urls import path, include  

urlpatterns = [     

path('', views.home, name="home"),     
path('results/', views.results, name="results"), 


5. Add a quote 📢

You can turn your text into two blockquote styles, for example:

My name is Zoe Chew and I share my stuff at

or this one,

Here’s the handy keyboard shortcuts:

  • Small blockquote CTRL+ALT+5

  • Bigger blockquote CTRL+ALT+5

  • Remove blockquote CTRL+ALT+5

…yes, you use the same shortcuts for blockquote formatting

6. Check word count 🔰

When you’re editing on Medium, you don’t need a Chrome Extension to detect word count.

Just hit CTRL+A and your word count will be displayed on the top left corner.

Other shortcuts:

To add a separator “ . . . “ You can use CTRL+Enter on your keyboard.

7. Where to find me? 👉

[1] Find me on Personal Site / Twitter / LinkedIn 🔥

[2] If you’re feeling generous today, you can send me a coffee