How to read 8 books in 1 sentence each? My crazy book summary.

Super-lite book summary for busy people

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As a product builder↗️, I love reading books to hunt product ideas, perspective, and inspiration.

I read about startups, business, mindset, and self-development.

Based on the 8 books I’ve read recently, I decided to share my craziest book summary & key lessons that I learn from each of these books:

1. Deep Work 👨‍💻


🖐 Using the habit of deep work and “singleness of task” to master hard things fast and produce quality outcomes or work.

Key lessons:

  • Schedule long-stretches of hours or weeks to focus on getting 1 thing done.

  • To achieve quality outcome, build your work life around craftmanship, flow state & prolonged deep hour.

  • Practice daily shutdown time: no email, no impulsive social checking, no mental replay.

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2. The One Minute Salesperson ⏰


🖐 Generate more sales with less work through repeat business from satisfied clients by treating a prospect like a person, not a commodity.

Key lessons:

  • Selling is not a sales skill; it’s a people skill.

  • Identify customer’s needs by asking more questions.

  • Make the prospect feels good about buying a product.

3. Hunch 🚀


🖐 A book for aspiring startup founders to leverage intuition for idea discovery, recognize opportunities that others miss, and build something people want.

Key lessons:

  • Ideas worth nothing unless it is adopted and used.

  • Improve your ideas: keep creating, thinking and questioning.

  • Talk to potential users who are facing problems, understand their emotions, and turn insights into solutions.

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4. Kaizen for Small Business Startup 💼


🖐 A book for small businesses on how to practice continuous improvement to drive change and innovation using the concept of Kanban, Lean Startup and Project Management.

Key lessons:

  • Train your team to embrace a willingness to surface problems and change.

  • Strive for 1% improvement on a daily basis.

  • Optimize process, declutter and standardize.

5. Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job 💴


🖐 A list of business building blocks using the BI Triangle concept to build any multi-million dollar business — (1) Cashflow (2) Communication (3) System (4) Legal (5) Product.

Key lessons:

  • Know the difference: Entrepreneurs own businesses that produce income. Self-employed owns a job but they own no assets & no ownership. Employees have a salary job.

  • Don’t cut costs on Legal & Accounting.

  • Hire slow, fire fast. Let go of bad staff to be less expensive.

6. Tao Te Ching 🧠


🖐A book on the art of living through philosophy that revolves around nothingness; to expect nothing, i.e. you get everything when you want nothing.

Key lessons:

  • Care about other people’s opinion, you’ll become their prisoners.

  • Good artists free themselves from concept and let intuition creates.

  • Colors blind the eyes. Desire wither the heart.

7. The Magic of Believing 🌌


🖐 Using the science of subconscious mind, power of thoughts, affirmation, and visualization to achieve tangible results in work, personal goals and business.

Key lessons:

  • Practice mental picture: If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

  • Creative thinking + firm beliefs + execution on ideas on sustained & convicted desire will lead to success.

  • Surround yourself with people who have positive energies to help you strengthen your beliefs.

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8. The Alchemist 🌟


🖐 A book about pursuing personal callings and how to deal with fears, doubts and lack of courage.

Key lessons:

  • Find your personal dream, follow signs & intuition, find a mentor if you want to succeed.

  • If you’re capable of achieving what you want, you should let go of the thoughts of uncertainly

  • If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. Improve the “now” and “later” will become easier.

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